Important tips for GGC upgrade
(For iPhone Users)

Dear partners:
  Thank you for choosing GGC related services! Given the time required for launch of GGCpay in AppStore, we adopted the enterprise digital signature. GGCpay has significant upgrades in the system. If you’re an iPhone user and encounter the “unable to verify the application” message, you need to reinstall the APP and use the “key phrase” to restore the wallet. (Note: Users of Android system will not be affected.)

How to install the App:
  Download the latest version from and follow the steps if you encounter the “untrusted enterprise developer” message: Settings - General - Device Management - Trust GGCpay

★★Very Important★★ Safety Tips★★
  Blockchain is decentrallized, and all of digital assets are stored on the blockchain ledger. Secret key (phases) is the only way to access assets. Please keep it safe. Please backup your GGCpay and your Secret key (phases), as secret key phases can be used to recover your wallet in case of forgetting password, invalid fingerprint, loss of your phone, App failure, etc.

  Access wallet — Go to setting tab — Select wallet – Follow the system instructions. Write down the secret key phase and keep it safe!

  Go to the Home tab of GGCpay, click "+" to add a new wallet, and then choose "import wallet", and then input your secret key phase on the "recovery phase" page, and finally click "import" to finish the recovery. (Note: There is space between words.)

We apologize for any inconvenience caused and thank you for your support and understanding!

GGC Chinese Operation Team 2018.9.20
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